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Our Vision

Our vision at John Fiske Elementary School is to inspire students to become compassionate and effective communicators who have a strong sense of self and contribute to a global society.

Our Values

The personal qualities that promote a healthy school environment at John Fiske include:

Cooperation - model positive behavior and communication
Responsibility - demonstrate accountability and dependability within oneself 
Empathy - be understanding of others and what others are feeling
Gratitude - be thankful
Patience - learn how to solve problems logically rather than acting out of impulse
Perseverance - be diligent with inner strength and determination to pursue academic and professional goals
Compassion - be genuinely concerned for the welfare of others
Respect - be genuine in regard for the word of people, including oneself
Courage - demonstrate determination and confidence by facing your fears
Ambition - be earnest in your desire to work hard to achieve
Citizenship - be dedicated to yourself in your educational purposes and requirements
Integrity - be committed to doing what is right, stand up for your beliefs by modeling qualities such as honesty and consistency of character

Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire excellence: every grownup, every child, every day.